Business Model

Key Activities

  • R&D for product design and features
  • Manufacturing and production of hardware wallets
  • Marketing and sales efforts
  • Ongoing technical support for customers

Customers Relation

  • Self-service for online sales
  • Customer support for technical issues
  • Community engagement through social media and events

Value Proposition

A secure, convenient, and user-friendly wallet that provides cold storage, multi-currency support, and easy access to funds


Individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to securely store their cryptocurrencies

Key Partners

  • Vendors for hardware components & manufacturing
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges for partnership & integration
  • Payment processors for transaction processing


  • Direct sales through online store
  • Partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Collaborations with hardware vendors

Key Resources

  • Design and manufacturing capabilities
  • Technical expertise in cryptocurrency and security
  • Partnerships with vendors and exchanges

Revenue Streams

  • Sales revenue from hardware wallet purchases
  • Transaction fees for cryptocurrency transfers
  • Partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges for revenue sharing

Cost Structure

  • hardware design and production
  • Marketing and sales efforts
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Overhead costs such as rent and utilities
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