Business Market

Market Size

Region‍PopulationCrypto Users2022 GDP ($B)
GCC58 M~9 M1,474
GCC + Iran144.5 M~16 M1,834
MENA578 M~40 M3,461
ASIA4,772 M260 M36,214
World8,000 M420 M96,513

Customers By Sector

Individual investors
This includes retail investors and high-net-worth individuals who hold cryptocurrency for personal investment purposes.

Institutional investors
This includes banks, hedge funds, asset management firms, and other financial institutions that hold cryptocurrency on behalf of clients or as part of their investment portfolio.

Crypto businesses
This includes companies in the cryptocurrency industry, such as exchanges, wallets, and payment processors, that may purchase hardware wallets to secure their own funds or to offer as a service to their customers.

Government agencies
These agencies that hold cryptocurrency for various purposes, such as tax collection, asset forfeiture, or international aid, as well as law enforcement and intelligence agencies that may use cryptocurrency hardware wallets for storing seized digital assets or conducting investigations.

Non-profit organizations
This includes charities and other non-profit organizations that accept cryptocurrency donations or hold cryptocurrency as part of their operating funds, and may use hardware wallets to securely store and manage their digital assets.

Cryptocurrency developers may use hardware wallets to securely test and deploy their projects.


  • Current Crypto Hardware Wallets (Ledger, Trezor & etc.)
  • Software Offline Wallets (Electrum, Coinomi, Jaxx, Trust Wallet & etc.)
  • Online Wallets (Crypto Fiat Exchanges & Custodies)
  • Cold Storages

Competitive Advantages

Air Gapped Seed
This is a security measure that involves generating a seed phrase offline to protect private keys. It provides additional security by ensuring that private keys are generated securely & offline, against online attacks and providing a recovery option in case of loss or damage to the wallet.

Steel Cold Storage
Steel cold storage is storing the seed phrase or private keys of a crypto hardware wallet on a steel plate for durability, security, and longevity. It’s a secure and easily portable option that can last for decades or even centuries without significant degradation.

Multi Crypto Network
The ability to store various assets, tokens, and NFTs in a hardware crypto wallet offer versatility and convenience. Users can manage different cryptocurrencies and digital assets in a single secure device, simplifying their crypto portfolio management and providing a comprehensive solution.

Dedicated Application
Increases security, improves functionality, ease of use, and compatibility benefits. It ensures that only authorized parties can access the hardware wallet, offers additional features beyond a standard web interface, makes it easier to interact with the wallet, and ensures compatibility with the hardware.

Other Apps Compatible
Compatibility with other apps can provide expanded functionality, flexibility, and increased accessibility for users, enabling them to manage their cryptocurrency funds more efficiently and securely.

MIT Open Source License
Fully open source, the wallet offers transparency, community review, trust, and customization. With an MIT license, it provides flexibility, compatibility, trustworthiness, and encourages innovation for enhanced security and reliability.

Go To Market Plan

Market Research & Validation (4-6 weeks)
Conduct thorough market research to understand the needs and pain points of potential customers in the cryptocurrency space. Validate the demand for a hardware crypto wallet with an air-gapped mechanism through surveys, interviews, and feedback from industry experts.

Product Refinement & Positioning (2-4 weeks)
Analyze feedback from the MVP version to enhance the user experience, security, and functionality of the hardware wallet. Clearly define the unique selling points, positioning the air-gapped mechanism, security features, user-friendly interface, and compatibility with popular cryptocurrencies.

Marketing & Branding Strategy (6-8 weeks)
Craft a comprehensive marketing and branding strategy to build awareness and generate interest in your hardware wallet. Emphasize trust, security, and reliability in your brand story. Utilize digital channels like social media, content marketing, and SEO to reach your target audience.

Distribution Channels & Partnerships (4-6 weeks)
Identify strategic partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges, online retailers, and platforms to expand distribution. Offer incentives to key influencers or industry experts to promote your hardware wallet.

Pricing & Packaging Strategy (2-4 weeks)
Determine a competitive yet profitable pricing strategy based on production costs, market demand, and the value proposition of your hardware wallet. Design attractive packaging reflecting quality, security, and innovation, with clear setup instructions. 

Sales & Customer Support (2-4 weeks)
Develop an efficient sales process for easy hardware wallet purchase through your website or partner platforms. Establish a dedicated customer support team to provide timely assistance and resolve reported technical issues.

User & Community EDU. & Engagement (4-6 weeks)
Create educational resources, tutorials, and guides to help users understand the benefits and setup of the air-gapped hardware wallet. Foster an active community by organizing webinars, hosting forums, and encouraging user discussions.

Continuously Improve & Feedback (Ongoing, with review cycles)
Gather feedback from customers and the cryptocurrency community to identify areas for improvement and new features. Continuously iterate and enhance the hardware wallet based on user feedback, market trends, & new security requirements.

Business Model

Key Activities

  • R&D for product design and features
  • Manufacturing and production of hardware wallets
  • Marketing and sales efforts
  • Ongoing technical support for customers

Customers Relation

  • Self-service for online sales
  • Customer support for technical issues
  • Community engagement through social media and events

Value Proposition

A secure, convenient, and user-friendly wallet that provides cold storage, multi-currency support, and easy access to funds


Individuals, businesses, and organizations who want to securely store their cryptocurrencies

Key Partners

  • Vendors for hardware components & manufacturing
  • Cryptocurrency exchanges for partnership & integration
  • Payment processors for transaction processing


  • Direct sales through online store
  • Partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges
  • Collaborations with hardware vendors

Key Resources

  • Design and manufacturing capabilities
  • Technical expertise in cryptocurrency and security
  • Partnerships with vendors and exchanges

Revenue Streams

  • Sales revenue from hardware wallet purchases
  • Transaction fees for cryptocurrency transfers
  • Partnerships with cryptocurrency exchanges for revenue sharing

Cost Structure

  • hardware design and production
  • Marketing and sales efforts
  • Ongoing technical support
  • Overhead costs such as rent and utilities
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